Tuition and Financial Aid

Through the StraighterLine-Brookhaven College program, you can earn your two-year associate degree for a lower cost when compared to the cost of other online associate degree programs. Your associate degree is earned upon completion of 60 credit hours. The following are estimated costs and credit hours per semester:

Cost per credit: $174 per credit hour
  • Inclusive of tuition, fees and online access
  • eTextbooks included for FREE with StraighterLine courses
Semester Tuition: $2,610 per Semester
  • One semester consists of two 8-week sessions
  • 12-15 credits
Annual Tuition: $5,220
  • 1 year
  • 30 credits
Total Tuition: $10,440 total tuition pricing
  • 2 years
  • 60 credits

Financial Aid

The Brookhaven College Financial Aid Office will provide you with the details of applying for financial aid, understanding your financial aid award, and properly securing all of your loans. Please visit the financial aid section of the Brookhaven College website or call (972) 587-2599 for detailed information regarding dates and deadlines, as well as forms to complete your financial aid application.

If you are planning on using financial aid to pay for the StraighterLine-Brookhaven program, it is important to begin the financial aid application process right away.

Additional links to Brookhaven College for information on financial aid.